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Fleet Management

Maximize your fleet and workforce operations while monitoring safety and reducing expenses.

Site Management

Control your energy producing assets remotely and achieve operational excellence while saving costs.​

Battery Management

Protect your batteries from thefts while optimizing their energy usage and achieving their maximum shelf-life.​

Generator Management

Get your generators to work at the highest efficiency while preventing fuel thefts and optimizing power usage.​

Choose the perfect plan

AI-powered SaaS solution that provides you with the ability to make data-driven decisions through full-coverage of your stationary and mobile assets operations in one smart integrated platform.

Fleet Management Pricing


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Starting At


Per month

Frequently asked questions

We offer no contact pay as you go options as well as 12, 24 and 36 month contracts. Contact us to discuss options and prices to suit your needs.

Yes, Galooli’s solution offers an all-in-one integrated platform that allows you to manage all your connected assets in one place.

Galooli’s solution offers you the ability to track and manage your assets through various platforms including desktop, web browser and Android and iOS apps.

Yes, all our units are capable of providing real-time, accurate and complete data of the asset’s location, performance, and status.

All-in-one remote management solution. Contact Us