Offshore Developers

Offshore Development Teams

Offshore Development Team to offset cost. Sounds like a great idea – realize the benefits of a low cost economy and utilize a remote team, right? Not so fast. The reality is, most companies are not able to benefit from the cost advantages or setting up an offshore team to augment their in-house team. The reason is simple – although it sounds great in theory, setting up an offshore development team requires a high capital investment and management bandwidth – not to mention knowledge and understanding of the offshore country, customs and laws. In truth only large corporations are able to leverage the benefits of low cost offshore services. Small and medium sized companies are not able to capitalize on software solutions and services of offshore teams and therefore at a competitive disadvantage. We are here to help and provide a solution.

Our virtual teams can be assembled for a specific project or duration:

  • Cost & Flexibility: Flexibility to scale you team up or down as required
  • Skills & Experience: Staff to your Technology Stack and Platform requirements

We can offer front-end developers, full-stack developers, graphic designers and database admins. Add to your teams needs and expertise.

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