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Televersant, LLC is a technology services company headquartered in Irvine, California, with offices Plano, TX, London, UK and Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company was founded in 2007 with a vision of providing quality engineering and software services to the mobile wireless industry. Our wireless engineering team has over two decades of experience in RF engineering from the early days of AMPS to the current 4G technologies of LTE and VoLTE and the early developments of 5G. We have been involved in deployments for all the major operators in the US in over 50 markets nationwide.

As our clients span and needs have grown, we have also expanded and added a software development team to deliver to clients outside of the wireless industry. We offer custom software solutions including mobile app (Android and iOS) development, desktop and web platforms as well as UI and UX design.

We are also the US distributor to Galooli – a state of the art, AI driven AOT platform for asset management.

At Televersant, we bring a strong mix of software, engineering and project management expertise to the table. Our approach is simple:


“To deliver a quality service ahead of time and beyond customer expectations!”


This simple approach means that we are always focused on the needs of the client and are always striving to go above and beyond what is required.


 “Simply completing the task or providing the deliverable is not enough”


Through various client engagements, we have successfully designed and deployed networks in various markets across four continents. We have a diverse and proven track record of success.

Please contact us to discuss and understand your engineering and software needs:

Televersant, LLC
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Phone: +1-949-689-7995